My Time With the Destiny Alpha – The Crucible

As a gamer, what always draws me into a game is the co-op multiplayer. A game including a strong co-op system is one surefire way to sell me on a title. That’s the factor that got me interested in Destiny. All of that said, I’m probably going to spend hours in the competitive multiplayer of Destiny as well. The competitive multiplayer is called the Crucible and it’s quite a fitting name.

In the multiplayer games, your character has access to all of their gear and upgrades (besides the base stat altering ones) that they’ve earned in the single player mode. Don’t be discouraged, however, you can level up, earn gear, and earn marks to buy gear in the Crucible. It might be a tougher climb for you if you stick to only the Crucible, but it’s doable.

The only game mode that was playable in the alpha was King of the Hill and there were only two maps: Old Russia and the Moon. Despite the limited selection it was still fun to play hours on end. The gameplay seemed very balanced and I never felt vastly overpowered, which has happened to me before.

Although the gameplay felt a bit like the Halo franchise, which makes sense, it definitely sets itself apart. Considering the wider range of gear that you can start a battle off with and the access to supers, Destiny was unique. Supers were one thing that I found myself having to get accustomed to as I neglected using them for some time. Trust me, you’ll do a lot better if you use them. It’s something that people will have to get used to.

Sorry if that second video is a little boring, Courtney REALLY loves the turret on the Moon map.


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