Possible Pricing for Nintendo’s Amiibos

During Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event the company officially revealed their NFC program figures called Amiibos. These figures, modeled after famous Nintendo characters such as Mario, Samus, and Zelda, are projected to transfer data between themselves and the Nintendo systems. Even more intriguing is that they are able to function among various games, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, and Mario Party 10 are among games announced.


Recently, a British shopping website, published prices for various Amiibos that were presented during E3 at a price of £12.85, which is $21.89 as of June 25, 2014. Though these prices are not finalized, the website states that these are a “price promise”, indicating that these could fluctuate even higher. Nintendo has made no definitive announcements on the price.

My Opinion:
Though I think it’s great that this website is taking some initiative to try and get some money from the Amiibos early, it is just throwing out wild guesses about prices. However, if these are accurate, $22 is a hefty price and could diminish people’s interest if buying two or three figures is the equivalent of a Wii U game.

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