Two Free Killzone: Shadow Fall Maps Out Now

Two free Killzone: Shadow Fall maps were released today entitled “The Terminal” and “The Stormgracht.”

The Terminal is set in a “part defense facility, part prison complex,” with a train that barrels through areas of the map crushing anything in its path.  According to the PlayStation Blog, The Terminal “will really test players’ navigational skills.”


The second map, The Stormgracht, “is a maze of broken and discarded junk that the floodwaters have washed down over the years.”  The floodgates can be opened in order to flush out the central spillway and wipe out players that are not on high ground.


Both of these maps can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation Network as well the previously released multiplayer maps.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was released alongside the PlayStation 4 and launched with mixed reception.  For more information on Killzone: Shadow Fall be sure to check out MONG’s review!

My Opinion:

Even though Killzone: Shadow Fall did not blow anyone away, it is great to see that it is getting continued support.  A lot of people enjoy the multiplayer, and those extra maps are great to kill some time during the summer game drought.

Jacob Dekker is a student filmmaker and is currently an Associate Writer for MONG.  You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

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