Xbox Of Thrones

If you happen to be a gamer who’s also a fan of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones (I assume that many of us are), then you’re about to feel some pretty strong feelings of jealousy. It’s alright, everyone understands, it’s a reasonable reaction when you see this fancy Game of Thrones themed Xbox One given away at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.


Looks pretty darn swanky, doesn’t it? Not only did someone get this fresh, current-gen console for free, and not only is this likely a very valuable collector’s item, but it was even given to the lucky gamer by Prince Oberyn “The Red Viper of Dorne” Martell (Pedro Pascal) himself!

Good luck on getting your hands on this one, folks. Keep an eye on Ebay, sure, but don’t expect it to come cheaply, if ever.


My Opinion:

This certainly isn’t something I would have predicted. I’m not always the biggest fan of custom designs on my systems, I normally find them too busy. However, this Game of Thrones console looks well thought out in terms of design. That and the price tag of $0 instead of $400 (though it’s likely worth more) makes this Xbox of Thrones most appealing.

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors sailing the seven internet seas to find all the news you’re jonesin’ for. Keep up with him over on IGN, Twitch, and Twitter as well!



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