Xbox Live Gold Not Required for EA Access

In a statement provided to IGN, EA confirmed that players won’t need Xbox Live Gold in order to use the new EA Access service.  

EA explained,

“When it launches, any Xbox One gamer can join EA Access and take advantage of the benefits of membership. In order to connect to multiplayer gameplay on the Xbox One platform you will need a subscription to Xbox Gold.”

One of our writers recently took time to explore the EA Access beta and he thinks it has a promising future.

My Opinion:

I am still very iffy on EA Access.  It still feels like they are offering games that came out a year ago, for a subscription fee.  By the time this launches (if that is still the case) then all of the new games in the series’ will be out and nobody will want to play these.  Although I could be completely wrong, and this could only be a beta thing, it just feels like EA Access is a waste of time and that Sony was right by saying no to it.  Only time will tell if both Sony and I are wrong, but right now, it sure doesn’t feel like it.  

Courtney Osborn is MONG’s Founder and Editor in Chief.  You can follow him on Twitter, Twitch, and IGN.

2 thoughts on “Xbox Live Gold Not Required for EA Access”

  1. This makes sense. Microsoft seems to have figured out this whole “pay wall” thing finally. Obviously you’d need it to play online which is the norm.

    I am with you in that I am iffy on this whole subscription model. It’s cool I guess for some select people, but I don’t really see a big point as I am one who plays the newest games which won’t be on there. I guess the discounts make it worthwhile for some, but I get many games at $40 due to pre-order discounts.

    It’s not coming to PS4 anyways so why do I even care. 😛

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