Taking Selfies In Bloodborne

Ever wrapped up the bloody task of chopping up a horde of zombies and wished you had your camera on you to commemorate the moment? Ever pulled your giant straight blade out of a monstrosity and missed that perfect moment when the blood spray forms a beautiful rainbow? You may be able to set the fear of those dreaded moments without your camera aside as Bloodborne just might have a photo mode!

According to a tweet from Bloodborne’s producer, Jun Yoshino, photo mode is a great feature and they’re looking into adding the feature into the game.

With the popularity of photo mode in recent games (InFamous: Second Son, The Last of Us Remastered), it’s really not all that far-fetched to imagine the feature might become commonplace in games. If you’re not a fan of photo modes it could be worse, it could be micro-transactions…

My Opinion:

I’ve been prefacing a lot of my recent opinion sections with this, but; I did not see that coming. Although a photo mode is a cool idea, everyone has those moments that they want to remember, it’s just not something that I ever imagined being put into a Soul’s related title. However, when I really think of all of the awesome armor and ridiculous moments I’ve seen between Let’s Plays and streams, I wonder why this hasn’t happened sooner. The game is gorgeous, and certainly deserving of all the selfies any monster-murdering warrior could want!

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors sailing the seven internet seas to find all the news you’re jonesin’ for. Keep up with him over on IGN, Twitch, and Twitter as well! Yarr, son!


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