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Bloodborne Review


Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and the most recent title by From Software, developer of the niche Souls sub-genre of action role-playing games. As a stranger to the city of Yharnam, the player adopts the title “Hunter,” discovering the populace’s many dark secrets and vanquishing the horrors that shamble through its streets. The plot unfolds through interaction with the environment in a way familiar to veterans of Souls games, building the mystery around this place and the particular evening all of these Hunters find themselves traversing. With a more responsive combat mechanic, fast-paced gameplay and a different setting from past From Software games, many feared that this game wouldn’t live up to die-hard fan expectations. For many, an even larger question: is there enough reward to be worth the sheer difficulty of the game?

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Is Bloodborne Better Than the Souls Series?

This week on Quick Time Event, Lou, Jake, Pat, and Jordan talk first impressions for Bloodborne. What has our scariest encounter been? What about our biggest triumph? And most importantly, who should pick this game up.
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Bloodborne Screenshots and Online Functionality

The official Bloodborne Japanese website recently released a few new screenshots from the game and dropped a slew of news about its multiplayer component.

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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Receives Trailer

Many of you have likely played Dark Souls II by now. However, you probably haven’t seen much of the current-gen port of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. Luckily, we have you covered!

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Lords of the Fallen Review


I remember the first time I ever played Demon’s Souls. I was working one day, and I had someone go grab a copy for me because I’d heard such great things about it. However, after actually playing the game, I didn’t understand a thing about it. I pestered a friend by text messaging him for hours as I tried to comprehend the world and mechanics of the game, but it was all for naught: Demon’s Souls just wasn’t for me. However, I could see how others enjoyed it. Lords of the Fallen falls (no pun intended) into a similar category for me. Continue reading Lords of the Fallen Review

Bloodborne Alpha Beta Incoming

Sony and From Software have started to roll out invites for Bloodborne Alpha tests. PlayStation 4 owners will either get an email from Sony about the tests, or you can go to Sony’s website and try to get enrolled into the limited Alpha Beta. Unfortunately, it’s for European gamers only right now. Continue reading Bloodborne Alpha Beta Incoming

Bloodborne Gameplay Finally Rears Its Head!

Everyone has been fiending to know more about From Software’s newest title Bloodborne for quite some time. Luckily for us, Gamescom has brought us a new trailer that details the story a bit and shows us more of what this spiritual successor to the Souls franchise will bring us. Continue reading Bloodborne Gameplay Finally Rears Its Head!

Taking Selfies In Bloodborne

Ever wrapped up the bloody task of chopping up a horde of zombies and wished you had your camera on you to commemorate the moment? Ever pulled your giant straight blade out of a monstrosity and missed that perfect moment when the blood spray forms a beautiful rainbow? You may be able to set the fear of those dreaded moments without your camera aside as Bloodborne just might have a photo mode!

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