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Arrog Review

Black and White and Awesome All Over

I have always enjoyed trying out smaller games that seem to offer an artistic experience that is unlike any generic AAA game. Gris, Hue, and Ape Out are on the forefront of those top-tier indie games that hit a style that is immediately distinguishable among the thousands of games released each year. Arrog, developed by LEAP Game Studios and Hermanos Magia, emerges onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with an art style that can rival some of the best

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Moonlighter Review


Moonlighter, Digital Sun’s premiere game, is an intriguing roguelike action-RPG that meshes dungeon crawling with economic savviness. Whether you’re slaying a gruesome slime creature or determining the perfect price of that Ancient Pot, both have significant and meaningful outcomes to the game that certainly hooked my attention.  Continue reading Moonlighter Review

Christian Glass’ Game Soundtrack of the Week

Have you ever turned off a game, only to have that last tune follow you around the rest of the day? Christian Glass loves that feeling, and wants to share it with you. Each week he’s highlighting a game soundtrack that sticks out to him. This week is: Bastion. Continue reading Christian Glass’ Game Soundtrack of the Week

Hobby Game Developers Part 1: I Used To Hate Video Games

I used to hate video games.

I hated video games because, up until 3rd grade, I defined gaming as brainless, worthless, wastes of time, meant only as a distraction from homework and learning. (I was a pretty pretentious child.) When the Wii rose in popularity, I discovered that video games are more than unintelligent pieces of junk. I realized they are awesome. Continue reading Hobby Game Developers Part 1: I Used To Hate Video Games

Axiom Verge Hands On Preview

Axiom Verge is solely created by Tom Happ, a gaming industry veteran who has worked on a plethora of previous PC and console releases. He started Axiom Verge back in March of 2010, mostly working on it as a side project in his free time. He is solely responsible for the art direction, coding, game design, and music. All of this was important information to consider when I played the first segment of the game. Continue reading Axiom Verge Hands On Preview