Sunset Overdrive’s New Enemies/Faction Revealed at Gamescom

Just before the reveal of the White Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle (the one that was leaked only a week ago) there was a new trailer for the game.  The trailer was very reminiscent of something from Borderlands 2, giving a brief but comical introduction to the world of the Insomniac title, and its zany characters.

The trailer from the conference, which you can watch below, also gave details on the corporation that made the energy drink which caused the zombie-like outbreak.  They have cameras and robots stationed throughout the city, which seems to have them positioned as Sunset Overdrive’s fourth faction (if you’re including players as a faction).  Following the trailer was the reveal of the bundle.

Conference Trailer and Bundle


Non-Conference Trailer


The game and bundle will be available October 31st, with the game having standard pricing and the bundle costing $399.99/€399.99/£349.99

My Opinion:

Sunset is THE game for Xbox One that I am sad I will be missing when it comes out.  While I can hope that the game might go cross platform in a sequel, I know better of Insomniac.  They’ve always preferred exclusive console development for their games, and I think Xbox deserves to have exclusives here and there.  After all, I have said that “competition is the backbone of this industry.”

Scott Deisner is an Associate Writer for MONG.  He enjoys story and character driven content above all else, things made from potatoes, and long walks on sandy beaches ;P  You can follow him on Twitter.

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