343 Industries To Include PC Exclusives In Halo: Master Chief Collection

In a Halo Waypoint Bulletin last week, 343 Studios revealed new details on what players can expect when playing Halo: Combat Evolved inside Halo: Master Chief Collection. The details came in the form of a FAQ, quoted here:

Q: Which custom game options will be available in Halo: CE within The Master Chief Collection?

A: All of the game types and custom game type options you remember from Halo: CE will be available in the custom games menu.

Q: Will Halo: CE Matchmaking include radar?

A: As is the case with all games within Halo: The Master Chief Collection, we will have a variety of experiences in Matchmaking that cater to a variety of playstyles. For example, you’ll be able to find Halo: CE games with radar enabled and disabled (in separate playlists).

Q: Will the PC exclusive Halo: CE maps be available for both custom games and Matchmaking?

A: Yes. The maps that were exclusive to PC for Halo: CE (and Halo 2) will be available in both custom games and Matchmaking.

Q: Will the PC weapons be available in Halo: CE?

A: You’ll be able to select your weapon set in Halo: CE from a brand new list of weapon sets, including “classic,” which will not include the Flamethrower or Fuel Rod Gun.


This will be the first time console players can get their hands on these assets.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be released on November 11th for Xbox One.

My Opinion:

This is something cool. My excitement for Halo: Master Chief Collection has waned a bit, as I have been getting my Halo fix through Destiny this past month. Seeing that I will actually get more new content in the Halo: Master Chief Collection kinda rekindles those fires.

Dustin LaRoe is an Associate Editor for MONG and is pretty awful at games. His Gamertag and Steam ID are Guy 105.

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