Anita Sarkeesian Joins The Colbert Report to Debate GamerGate

Earlier this week The Colbert Report discussed the growing controversy of  GamerGate with special guest Anita Sarkeesian, the creator of Feminist Frequency, and poster girl for feminism in gaming.

GamerGate is an issue about sexism in video games versus the possible corruption in gaming journalism. The GamerGate supporters believe there has been secret cooperation between media critics such as Sarkeesian, female developers, and reviewers. The controversy started when developer Zoe Quinn was alleged to have had relations with a journalist from Kotaku. This has since been disproven. Women have been threatened or harassed over social media including a threat of a school shooting where Sarkeesian was scheduled to speak. Sarkeesian made an appearance on The Colbert Report last night to explain her views on GamerGate. Watch a short clip here.

Stephen Colbert began the interview as a stereotypical gamer arguing, “I’m saving the princess. Do you want her to die?”

Sarkeesian responded,

“Maybe the princess shouldn’t be a damsel and she could save herself. I think women are being threatened because we are asking games to be more inclusive. We are seeing different types of games, indies and mobile games. That is what GamerGate is responding to. They are lashing out because we are challenging the status quo of gaming being a male-dominated space.”

When asked about how GamerGate is framing this all as concern for the ethics in gamer journalism Sarkeesian replied,

“It is a compelling way to reframe the fact that this is a tax on women. It is actually men going after women in really hostile ways. That is what GamerGate is about.”

My Opinion:

I believe gaming should be a safe and open experience. Ethics in journalism is important but the claims against Quinn were untrue and even if they were true, how hard would it be to have someone else in the company review the game? The fact that there are death threats is ridiculous. After all this is over, I hope gaming will be changed for the better and be taken more seriously as an art form.

Nathan Reid is an Associate Writer at MONG who makes the worst D.I.Y. Halloween costumes.

One thought on “Anita Sarkeesian Joins The Colbert Report to Debate GamerGate”

  1. Actually, that Zoe Quinn slept with a gaming journalist was true. What was not true was that said journalist reviewed her game. If that was all the story had been about, it probably would’ve fizzled out. Zoe Quinn’s DDosing of the Fine Young Capitalist’s game jam in order to promote her own had more to do with what ensued than sleeping with Nathan Grayson. At this point, those involved with the hashtag are more concerned with the fact that the media for whom they are the audience has held them in constant contempt. Imagine if one of the cover stories on every issue of Car and Driver magazine was how Drivers are crappy people.

    Jonathan McIntosh saw the opportunity to glom onto the story and inserted Feminist Frequency into the mix. To say that what happened on Colbert was a ‘debate’ is rather disingenuous. If anything, it smacked of Colbert making a peace offering to Suey Park.

    No evidence has been given that anyone involved in gamergate has been behind harassment (and criticism, like what Thunderf00t has been doing long before gamergate was a thing, no matter how smarmy or hamfisted, isn’t harassment) or threats. Gamergate actively rooted out one of the worst culprits of real harassment against Anita Sarkeesian, who turned out to be a Brazilian journalist, and they continue to police the hashtag on twitter, swiftly reporting any instances of harassment or doxxing.


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