The Evolution of Evolve Takes a Step Backwards (For PlayStation 4 Owners)

Disappointing news arrived today for PlayStation 4 users who were waiting to get their hands on on Turtle Rock’s eagerly anticipated upcoming co-op shooter Evolve.

It was announced via the Evolve website that there has a been a delay in launching this weekend’s alpha test for PlayStation 4. The delay is a result of compatibility issues between Evolve and the recently launched 2.0 firmware update for PlayStation 4. Currently 2K and Sony are working to find a solution, and no estimated time of resolution has been given.

In compensation for PlayStation 4 owners who have been affected by the delay, 2K is offering codes for PC and Xbox One. All people have to do is follow the instructions on Evolve’s website.

My Opinion:

Delays like this are always unfortunate, as I know there are many many gamers looking forward to taking part in the Evolve alpha who only have a PlayStation 4 to play it on. I have been blessed enough to be a multiple console owner, and have spent some time playing the alpha on Xbox One. So far I am loving my time with the fledgling version of Evolve, and I hope the issues it is suffering on PlayStation 4 are resolved quickly, so that everyone gets to enjoy this wonderful game.

Adam Leonard is a new associate writer with MONG. He has been excited about Evolve a while. He absolutely loves playing as the Healer, he absolutely sucks at playing the Monster. You can follow him on Twitter.

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