Versus Evil Will Bring Four Games to PS4 in 2015

Indie publisher Versus Evil has announced that they are bringing four titles to PlayStation 4 in early 2015.


Armikrog is a Kickstarter game that was funded last year. The point-and-click adventure finally has an early 2015 release date for PlayStation 4, PC, and Wii U. What makes this game so special is it’s entirely in stop motion clay animation and was created by Doug TenNapel, the creator of the Earthworm Jim series.


The Banner Saga

This RPG was released early this year, and it is now coming to PlayStation 4. The Banner Saga is a 2D animated turn-based strategy game. This is just part one as Stoic is working on The Banner Saga Chapter Two.

The Banner Saga


Kyn is an upcoming tactical RPG set in the age of Vikings. he game will rely on team combat even though it’s only single player.



In Toren, you play as a little girl who climbs her way to the top of a labyrinth called Toren. Much like all adventure games, there will be dangers and puzzles.


These are the games Versus Evil will bring to the PlayStation 4 in early 2015. These games will be playable for the first time during the PlayStation Experience on December 6th and 7th.

My Opinion:

I heard great things about The Banner Saga and would like to try it before I t. Toren and Armikrog are the other games I would like to play. Except for The Banner Saga, there really isn’t much to go on from the other games in the way of trailers. Hopefully, we’ll have a preview of it during the PlayStation Experience.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer at MONG and doesn’t mind at all that the PlayStation 4 is getting a bunch of indie games. You can find him on Twitter.

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