New Rare Game on the Horizon

Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter on Tuesday to mention he was visiting Rare Studios in order get a look at the latest, but as of yet, unannounced Rare game.

Evidence of a new Rare game is further corroborated by an interview Phil Spencer recently gave on IGN’s Podcast Unlocked, where he stated he was going to go see Rare’s new game in November.

A potential clue as to the identity of Rare’s next game emerged earlier this month when a NeoGAF poster stumbled upon a new trademark submitted by Xbox for the franchise Battletoads.

While no official announcement has been made, Rare has been responsible for many many classic games, so they have a deep well of IPs to choose from when it comes picking their next game. Another possibility is that Rare is creating a new IP for Xbox. What seems likely is that Rare will be stepping away from making Kinect games, which they have been doing up until recently, due to Xbox’s lessened support of the Kinect.

What game would you like to see Rare make? Sound off in the comments below!

My Opinion:

I have high hopes that Rare is working on something that will catapult them back into the elite circle of developers. I feel that Xbox has been squandering them on Kinect titles that were doomed to exist in relative obscurity. I’d love to see a new Banjo Kazooie, or even see them get another crack at another James Bond game (dare I dream?). I can’t wait to hear what Rare has in store for us!

Adam Leonard is an Associate Writer at MONG. He thinks using Oddjob in multiplayer matches is cheap as hell. You can follow him on Twitter.

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