The Geekend Update: 11/14/14

Weekends are meant strictly for gaming; at least that’s what we think. Here is where you can find out all of our crazy plans for the upcoming weekend!

Courtney Osborn, Founder & Editor in Chief:

I’ll be playing Tales of Hearts R all weekend long! Woo!


Lou Contaldi, Executive Editor:

At the moment, I really have no video games on my list. Crazy right? I was considering Assassin’s Creed until the avalanche of issues, I’m still waiting for my copy of The Master Chief Collection in the mail… looks like my Xbox One will be a Netflix machine this weekend.


Myles Farrington, Senior Editor:

The anticipation for Dragon Age: Inquisition is setting in. I’ll be waiting patiently, honing my skills… and by skills I mean I’ll be having a pretty normal weekend.


Shawn Richards, Senior Editor:

I am still on my way to finishing Sunset Overdrive. However, I may dabble a bit into the Master Chief Collection. I have seen that it looks great. Want to kick my butt in multiplayer? Add me @LittleBigHamm. Also, I have a feeling I’ll be breaking out some LittleBigPlanet Vita during the weekend. With LBP 3 on the horizon, I need to let my inner child free for a little while.


Jesse Webster, Senior Writer:

I’ve been playing Shin Megami Tensei IV off and on these past few weeks. I’m hoping to pick up Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4, but I doubt it. It’s just the wait for Persona Q now.


Aaron Dobbe, Associate Writer:

Still going to be working on Hyrule Warriors and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, but now I’ve also got the new Mario Kart 8 DLC to play with! I’ve played each of the new tracks, characters, and karts a few times now, and I’m loving it all.


Adam Leonard, Associate Writer:

I’m going to be playing more Fantasy Life over the weekend, but my main focus will be Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This is my first concentrated attempt at playing through the series, and I’m having a great time so far. My goal is to have Halo Combat: Evolved beat by the time Dragon’s Age: Inquisition comes out.


Brian Hoerst, Associate Writer:

It’s shaping up to be an Assassin’s Creed weekend, although I chose to play Rogue before Unity with all the technical issues plaguing the latter. With Far Cry 4 and Grand Theft Auto V looming just a few days away, I’m trying to enjoy both AC games while also rushing through them. What a busy, busy time of year.


Jake Dekker, Associate Writer:

My goal this weekend is to find a reasonable balance between playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, while sustaining a healthy amount of hype for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Farcry 4, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Grand Theft Auto V.  It’s a hard life.


Jason Patrick, Associate Writer:

I haven’t much time for gaming this week. As such, I’m still sludging my way threw Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within. I’ve been mildly enjoying my time with it, but it’s not a game I have a desire to go back to. I will force myself to finish it, I promise. After that, I have Murdered: Soul Suspect coming from GameFly. A game that was met with mediocre reviews but I was intrigued, based on the concept of having to solve your own murder.


Jordan Loeffler, Associate Writer:

I suppose I should play a little more Freedom Wars this weekend, but the majority of my time will be spent eagerly awaiting the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition. At this point, I just want that game in the worst way. Expect many future Geekend Updates to say the same thing here… DA:I


Lucy Pallent, Associate Writer:

I’m giving up on Pikmin 3 for the time being and am going black to playing Earthbound on the Wii U VC. I just reached the seventh “my sanctuary” location but I seemed to have missed number 6…


Matt Middleton, Associate Writer:

So many games, so little time! I’ll continue plugging away at The Wolf Among Us, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and Sunset Overdrive while I wait for Halo: The Master Chief Collection to finish downloading (darn you, slow internet). I need to finish at least a couple of these before Far Cry 4,  Grand Theft Auto V Remastered, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U hit next week, because once they get here, the door is closed on everything else. I’ll also be continuing my Scrubs marathon on Netflix in the little spare time I have.


Riley Berry, Associate Writer:

Unexpectedly, I picked up Advanced Warfare last Sunday. I’m mainly going to play that this weekend, but I have also been meaning to finish Alien vs. Predator since GOG gave it away.


Ryan Amirault, Associate Writer:

Last weekend my goal was to start Shadow of Mordor, but in the end I just couldn’t get into it so I am taking that off the list. This weekend I will continue to play Destiny as per the usual, though there will be some NHL15 and Driveclub mixed in there. I am waiting for Far Cry 4 at this point, that’s my next big release. I also need to choose my next Vita game now that I am done SteamWorld Dig, but I am not sure exactly what it will be.

What games are you playing this weekend?


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