Bohemia Interactive Announces DayZ Retail release in 2016

Bohemia Interactive has announced that a full retail release of the popular online survival shooter DayZ should be expected in the first quarter of 2016. 

Through a press release, Bohemia has provided a “development roadmap” that lists the goals they intend to reach in the next twelve months. Features such as vehicles, traps, dynamic events, and base construction are detailed among many others. The press release also states that they are looking to have a playable console prototype by the third quarter of 2015.

Brian Hicks, producer of DayZ, also states that,

“2014 has been an immensely successful year for DayZ. We could have never hoped for so many people to join us for the adventure of Early Access development. As the team looks forward to our goals and features set for 2015, the vision of an open world sandbox where the player creates their own story and experiences comes closer to completion.”

The press release concludes with Bohemia announcing that DayZ’s targeted retail release date will be in the first half of 2016. Whether this includes the recently announced PlayStation 4 version or not remains to be seen. DayZ is currently available as a Steam Early Access title.

My Opinion:

DayZ is a game that has had me interested since it was first released via Steam Early Access at the end of 2013. I don’t have a PC powerful enough to run the game, but I have watched countless hours of gameplay via live stream on Twitch. When Sony announced the title was headed to the PlayStation 4 at their Gamescom press conference this past August, needless to say, I was excited. 2016 couldn’t get here fast enough!

Elijah Oguma is an associate writer for MONG and is truly a Middle of Nowhere Gamer on Oahu, Hawaii. You can follow him on Twitter.

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