Alien Isolation Sequel Is Likely

According to an AVPGalaxy interview with Alien Isolation’s lead designer, Greg Napper, the idea of a sequel comes up daily.

In the interview, the lead designer discussed his game’s story, difficulty, and eventually the likelihood of a sequel, stating:

The plot for a sequel is a daily topic in the studio sometimes. People have their own ideas for where it should go, our writers have some solid concepts and yes, we do have a great opportunity to continue her story.

Possibly in fear of another Aliens Colonial Marines situation, AVPGalaxy asked if the sequel’s gameplay would be more action-oriented rather than the formula established in Isolation. Luckily for the fans of Napper’s stealth survival horror game, he had this to say:

I think the action oriented ‘Aliens’ style game is very different from what Isolation is. If we made a sequel I would like to stick to the same terrifying single Alien approach but do more with the environment and interactivity within it.

My Opinion:

You may be waiting a while for an Alien Isolation sequel considering the game only recently released in October, but it’s cool that it is already being pondered. The game released with mixed critical reception (read our review here), but if they were able to improve their gameplay, I’m sure it could be a serious must-buy for all gamers.

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