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More Than The Score -16- Matt Reviews Galak-Z(oinks) on his Last Episode

The end of an era is among us. Brian is back to join Matt for one last crazy ride guaranteed to be hotter than a jalapeño popper. You won’t wanna go to the bathroom after this one! The dynamic duo are joined by host Mike “The Greatest Internet Superstar Sensation of All-Time” Bertrand to discuss Matt’s thoughts on Galak-Z; the brutal Scooby-Doo space shooter we’ve all been waiting for. Lots of laughs, tears, and wise words of wisdom as one podcast ends while another begins. Plus some beautiful goodbye speeches you won’t want to miss! Now without further to do, strap yourselves in for More Than The Score Episode 16.

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More Than The Score -15- Hatoful Boyfriend

Its training day for new host Mike Bertrand in this episode of More Than The Score. Will the Denzel Washington of the podcast world, Matt Batson, be able to guide the rookie through the show? Or will they be stumped by Audrey and the enigma that is Hatoful Boyfriend? FIND OUT NOW.

Rocket League Review


Rocket League is Psyonix’s insane successor to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. While you may have passed on the developer’s last title, Rocket League is simply fun and a game competitive gamers can’t miss. Continue reading Rocket League Review

More Than The Score -14ish- Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, and Sonic Boom?!

The beginning of the Post-Brian Era occurs as Matt sits down with Esteban Cuevas to discuss Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, Esteban’s Naughty Dog binge, and why on earth he reviewed Sonic Boom. Continue reading More Than The Score -14ish- Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, and Sonic Boom?!

Adventures Of Pip Review

Pip Pip Hooray!

Adventures of Pip is a 2D platforming title filled with action, adventure, and a delightful gameplay twist. The combination of its novel ideas and great platforming mechanics from games like Castlevania, Guacamelee, and Ninja Gaiden, makes Tic Toc Games’ first console project an outstanding start for the developer.

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MONG Reaction: Sony E3 Conference

More Than The Score Host Matt Batson sits down with fellow writers Esteban Cuevas, Jordan Loeffler, Patrick Garrity, and Shawn Richards to discuss the Sony Conference at E3. Is The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Shenmue 3 enough to get the guys hyped? Or will the lack of 2015 releases sour them on this year’s show? Continue reading MONG Reaction: Sony E3 Conference

Just Shapes & Beats Preview

While checking out indie games at Atlanta, Georgia’s Momocon, one game was absolutely hard to miss. That game was Berzerk Studios’ Just Shapes & Beats. After playing an early build of the game, I can already tell Just Shapes & Beats can crescendo into something special when it launches this winter. Continue reading Just Shapes & Beats Preview