GTA Online’s Festive Surprise Extended Due to PSN and XBL Outages

Christmas never arrived for Grand Theft Auto Online players last week, as some of Rockstar’s planned perks for the Festive Surprise update failed to land for many due to outages on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Fortunately, Rockstar decided to extend the time that Online players could pick up their free gifts, including weapons and clothing left under Christmas trees in players’ virtual homes. The Grand Theft Auto V developer tweeted the following the day after Christmas:

Rockstar did not give a definite timeline for the extension. Not everyone missed out on Christmas treats, however.

Don’t forget: Heists are coming.

My Opinion:

Despite making some of the cruelest games (Manhunt, anyone?), Rockstar has been a fair and even generous studio. This is just the latest in the company’s line of generosity. The PSN and XBL blackouts were a disappointment for everyone this holiday season, but at least this little extension helps GTA Online players.

Brian Hoerst dreamed of a White Christmas in New York City. It rained. Follow him on Twitter.

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