Bayonetta 3 Possibly in Development

Platinum Games’ Bayonetta 2 released earlier this year to much critical acclaim. In fact, it is a contender for our own game of the year award. Just months after this release, Bayonetta 2’s producer, Akiko Kuroda, mentioned that the team has already moved on to their next project.

This news was reaffirmed on Japanese gaming site 4Gamer by the game’s director, Yusuke Hashimoto.

Although the new project is said to be very early in development, Akiko Kuroda did mention that it is very possible something Bayonetta related will be developed in 2015, and we should stay tuned.

My Opinion:

Bayonetta 2 absolutely blew me away, and made me a Platinum (Games) fan. This news makes me want to believe that my favorite umbra witch’s third instalment is being worked on, but I would look forward to the new title even if it was something else.

Matt Batson is one of the many Matts here at MONG. He enjoys games, heavy metal, and comic books. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

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