Psycho Pass, an Xbox One Exclusive Game, Being Localized?

The Xbox One exclusive game Psycho Pass, based off a popular new anime, might be coming to the west.

An English version of the website was just created with a subtitle for the game, called “Mandatory Happiness.”

The new site includes an overview of the game and pictures/info about created characters like Nadeshiko Kugatachi, Takuma Tsurugi and Alpha.

Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness is being promoted as a big exclusive for the Xbox One in Japan.

My Opinion:

With an English version of the website being made it would seem that it is being localized. It would make sense to me to localize this game to help sales, especially with how poor the Xbox One is performing in Japan. I’m hoping that it gets a quality localization for all the Psycho-Pass fans like me out here in the west.

Jared Poole is an Associate Writer for MONG and is just starting to get into anime and really hoping this game does come westward

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