M:tG Veterans Turning Card Games on Their Ear With Nova Blitz

Magic: The Gathering is a name that holds such a place in the hallowed halls of card games that the “spires and columns” just might buckle and crumble if it were suddenly to disappear, or if it had never existed. That said, you might understand a card game geek’s excitement when a team of people who worked on Magic announce that they’re teaming up with the best and brightest of many fields to make a fresh new digital trading card game.

This group of experienced developers and skilled individuals has banded together to form Dragon Foundry, a fresh Seattle based development studio. As if the studio name itself isn’t awesome enough, these geniuses are working on the title Nova Blitz, which sounds like it’s gonna flip the script and change the way card games are played.

Nova Blitz will be placed in a more futuristic setting, which isn’t something that’s completely missing on the card game scene, but it is scarce. If you haven’t picked up a card (or clicked one in the case of digital card games) in a while, or ever, most games tend to stick with the fantasy theme. Titles such as Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering and many more have stayed in this kind of “safe zone,” but Dragon Foundry is looking to make Nova Blitz into an experience that can stand on its own.

As wonderful as the concept might sound, Nova Blitz is not just Magic with a technological face-lift. Dragon Foundry is looking to marry the real-time strategy genre with card games and to toss the norm of turn-based play out the window. You and your opponent will be making plays and responding to one another in real time. An intriguing concept for sure.


All of the uniqueness aside, Dragon Foundry isn’t going to completely reinvent the wheel. They’ve already outlined the five Aspects (colors) that you, a Nova, can pick as your “energy.” Each Aspect has very defining and distinctive characteristics and hard to confuse names: Arcane, Tech, Divine, Nature and Chaos.

The potential is high for Dragon Foundry and its introductory title. Will it join the many other card games who have stumbled into the chasm of obscurity, or will it succeed and fly with (or higher than) its predecessors? Dragon Foundry already has a community and plans for tournaments and prize support, so signs are looking good. However, they are asking for support when Nova Blitz hits Kickstarter.

Dragon Foundry aims to bring Nova Blitz to the PC, iOS and Android some time in 2015.

My Opinion:

I am a mixture of excited and skeptical as I am the aforementioned card game geek who couldn’t help but smile when I saw this piece of news. The elation I’m feeling is due to the fact that I’ve been hoping for a more tech-y, futuristic title for a VERY long time. Not something to dethrone Magic, but an alternative that just has a different look. Nova Blitz isn’t tearing away from the mold as much as I like, but it is certainly a breath of fresh air. However, I feel some trepidation. I do love card games, but no digital TCG or CCG has been able to really sink its claws into me. There’s something about not having the feel of cards in my hand and not being able to see the hope drain from people’s faces when you combo out with counter support to smack down their plans to stop you (in terms of Magic). I have the highest of hopes for Dragon Foundry and everything they’re striving to achieve with Nova Blitz. I’ve gotta be honest, I might not be there to celebrate with them due to Nova Blitz’s digital nature, however awesome the game does sound.

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors and is legitimately wondering where he’s going from here. Keep up with him over on IGN and Twitter as well!

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