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M:tG Veterans Turning Card Games on Their Ear With Nova Blitz

Magic: The Gathering is a name that holds such a place in the hallowed halls of card games that the “spires and columns” just might buckle and crumble if it were suddenly to disappear, or if it had never existed. That said, you might understand a card game geek’s excitement when a team of people who worked on Magic announce that they’re teaming up with the best and brightest of many fields to make a fresh new digital trading card game. Continue reading M:tG Veterans Turning Card Games on Their Ear With Nova Blitz

The Keep Review

Don’t Get Lost in the Dungeons!

Dungeon RPG games have always captivated players. The allure of exploration, the intellectual challenge of solving problems, and the anticipation of monsters jumping out, all combined into a great gaming experience. Now, what would happen if we add real-time combat to the mix? The Keep is the well-crafted creation of all these components.

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Are Card Games Cool Again?

When I was in elementary school, a major Japanese franchise hit American shores: Pokémon. Before I knew it, Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue swept the schools, with the card game quickly following. The cards were exhilarating: purchasing booster packs with the chance of getting rare cards, boxed sets guaranteeing you to get some powerful cards, and even the allure of debating with your friends whether or not a trade is “fair”made for exhilarating playground debate.

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