UPDATE: The New Fire Emblem Is Possibly Coming This Year


Nintendo of Australia has resent the newsletter email that threw Fire Emblem fans into a frenzy.

The resent email says that there was an error in the previous newsletter regarding the listed release dates. The updated newsletter titles the 3DS section as “Games Coming For Nintendo 3DS” instead of the previous title “Games Coming in 2015 On Nintendo 3DS”.

Original Article:

A recent newsletter from Nintendo Australia suggests that the newly announced Fire Emblem title will be releasing this year.


The newsletter image shows numerous other 2015 3DS games with confirmed dates alongside the newest entry in Nintendo’s long-running SRPG series. However, where the release date should be, it simply reads “TBC” meaning to be confirmed.

Not much has been revealed about the new Fire Emblem, but for more information, check out our story on the game’s announcement during the last Nintendo Direct.

My Opinion:

Fire Emblem: Awakening is easily my favorite 3DS game, and even one of my favorite games of all time. So naturally that means that any news about anything Fire Emblem gets me all kinds of jazzed up. When this new iteration was announced I was immediately filled with excitement and happiness despite knowing that I probably would not see it for a while. If it is actually planned to release this year, 2015 might be cementing itself as my favorite year in gaming and we’re only in January.

Matt Batson is one of the many Matts here at MONG. He enjoys games, heavy metal, and comic books. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

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