Final Final Type-0 HD will Include FF XV Demo on Release Day

Square Enix adds an enticing bonus for those who purchase Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Final Fantasy XV still lacks a release date but players can get a sample when Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launches on March 17th in North America and March 20th in Europe. A demo of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae will in fact be included with the first-run copies of FF Type-0 HD. 

A trailer for FF XV was also revealed and you can watch it below.

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My Opinion:

Packaging a demo with a game is quite an old-school strategy. It just seems like an easy way to sell a few more copies of Type-0 that might not otherwise sell. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the demo available for digital download a few weeks later. The last time I bought a game because of a demo was actually Final Fantasy XII which was packaged with what turned out to be more favorite game of all time, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. As for FF XV, I’m excited for the road-trip story that seems to be taking shape. Are you excited? Let me know in the comments!

Nathan Reid is an Associate Writer at MONG who hopes that the cats make it into Final Fantasy XV.

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