Gold & Silver Amiibo Leaked

Two variants of a new amiibo appeared on Nintendo’s website, but what are they for?

The two alternate forms were revealed by CPSIA certificates, which were spotted by user KTS2448 on NeoGAF. The Gold and Silver figures are the same design for Mario in the new Super Mario amiibo series launching March 20th alongside Mario Party 10.


IGN has reached out to Nintendo for a comment, but remains unanswered at the time of this article.

My Opinion:
A lot of rumors have been circulating stating that these might be the final Club Nintendo rewards. However, I’m not optimistic since the two tiers for Club Nintendo are Gold and Platinum, NOT Gold and Silver like the packaging states. Though I would love them, my guess is that these would be some sort of exclusive items for conventions, contests, etc. Regardless, these are going to be hot commodities for collectors and fans alike.

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