Bethesda to hold their first ever E3 conference!

Bethesda will be hosting their first ever E3 conference this year.

Bethesda made the announcement on their website but (unsurprisingly) failed to mention what they will include in their E3 show, which is scheduled for June 14th.

Speculation of what Bethesda will be announcing is rife within the game community with most people assuming that it will be a Fallout 4 announcement. However, Bethesda does have Elder Scrolls Online which will be released just a few days before their E3 conference, as well, as the new Doom which we were told last year that we would not get any new information until this year. So it’s likely that both of these games will get time on stage at E3 this year.

For those who cannot attend the conference, Bethesda will stream it on their Twitch channel.

My Opinion:

Awesome news! I’m assuming that this is going to be the long awaited announcement of Fallout 4 and for that I am excited, but sadly we’ll have to wait a couple of months to find out what it is.

Steven Shearer is an Associate Writer for MONG. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.


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