Spawn Might Meet Scorpion

“When one door closes, another one opens” is a frequently used saying in my area. However, I don’t think it’s ever been used in reference to Mortal Kombat X, nor to mean that one murderous combatant could be “traded out” for another.

For anyone staring at their screen confused, I speak of the decision not to include Jade in the upcoming Netherrealm Studios title and how a recent deal could lead to the long-lived comic book character Spawn making his first appearance in the bloody royale.

In a recent interview with Todd McFarlane (the creator of Spawn), he revealed that a deal made with Warner Bros. is allowing the company limited access to Spawn for their games, and he’s definitely not gonna say no if they want to toss Spawn in as a Kombatant.

However comic and game geeks shouldn’t get too excited, this isn’t a solid, set-in-stone thing that’s going to happen. McFarlane is just saying that it could and he wouldn’t mind. Considering that McFarlane wants to grow the Spawn brand to be larger than its already impressive breadth and a new writer has been announced for the comic series, it might just be the year of Spawn. We might be seeing a lot more of the chain-sporting damned man soon.

Mortal Kombat X is set to punch your Xbox Ones, PlayStation 4s, Xbox 360s, PlayStation 3s and PCs in their tech-guts on April 14th.

My Opinion:

This. Is. Freaking. Awesome. I don’t know who else has followed Spawn long enough, or knows enough about him, to be extremely hype about this prospect… but if you haven’t, you should be. Spawn is just awesome and in the past years he’s been pretty much dead (no pun intended). The comic has been going, but after the live-action movie there’s been little to nothing to be heard of from the chained, damned and unfortunate hero. I would love to see him go toe-to-toe with the likes of Scorpion or Shao Kahn. I would also love to see what his fatalities might look like. Would they use his morphing cape? His chains? His axe? One of the other MANY tools of destruction that he’s had access to in his long life? Do this, Netherrealm. Do this.

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors and is also THE Dreadhawk. Keep up with him over on IGN and Twitter as well!

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