Aganos Joins Killer Instinct For Season 2

Aganos is the latest fighter to join the roster of Killer Instinct for Season 2.  Joining the likes of T.J. Combo and Kan-Ra, (previous Season 2 additions), Aganos is an ancient golem in deadly pursuit of Kan-Ra, a quest which has spanned thousands of years.  Aganos is featured in the trailer below showcasing his fighting style. The very large and powerful creature utilizes his unique composition in battle. He is able to summon a stone column to punish enemies against with combos, and fire rocks as projectiles.

The end of the trailer features a short tease for a fighter who may appear in the future.  Slowly and creepily lumbering forward, is what appears to be a female Japanese ghost who would be right at home on the set of The Ring.  Before her possible debut, Aganos will release on February 27th for the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct.  Owners of the Combo Breaker Edition will receive him on March 5th.



My Opinion:  

It is good to see Iron Galaxy Studios still supporting the title, long after its initial 2013 release.  Killer Instinct drew criticism early on from its lack of content,  but now possesses a solid roster.  Personally I’m not a big fan of the slow, powerful, combatants when it comes to fighting games, so Aganos doesn’t do much for me.  The ghost fighter teased at the end though looks more like my style.

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One thought on “Aganos Joins Killer Instinct For Season 2”

  1. I’m still baffled how they’re calling it season 2 when it should just be year 2. I know they’re trying to slip out info while everyone is buzzing about Spawn and Predator in Mortal Kombat, but I don’t see season 2 having any traction unless its a slow news day.


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