Xbox One Getting Screenshot Feature in Update

If you’re an Xbox One owner who’s tired of seeing PlayStation 4 owners post screenshots of their favorite games online, your suffering will soon come to an end.

The March Xbox One system update, which is available now for Preview Program members, adds several new features, including screenshots. By downloading the update, users will also have access to these other features:

  • Transparent tiles
  • Suggested friends
  • Real name sharing options
  • Privacy and online safety settings
  • Xbox One digital TV tuner for Australia

The full details for the preview update can be viewed on Major Nelson’s blog.

While screenshots won’t be able to be shared with this update, they will be available to set as background images. The ability to share screenshots will come in a future update.

My Opinion:

Woo! About time!

Matt Middleton is an associate writer for MONG. He is also a lover of Mexican cuisine, How I Met Your Mother, and fun video games. Follow him on Twitter for a daily dose of song lyrics and pictures and thoughts about the aforementioned food and video games.

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