Shovel Knight Plushie Coming Later this Month

Last year, we were graced with Shovel Knight, an excellent retro platformer starring a dashing knight who fights with a shovel instead of a sword. Yesterday, we found out that a free DLC update will be given to owners of the game. And now, even more shovely goodness is headed our way with a Shovel Knight plush.

Available later this month, the Shovel Knight plush is a faithful recreation of the titular character, shovel and all. In fact, the shovel is embedded with magnets to allow Shovel Knight to hold the shovel or to store it on his back.

You can pre-order the plushie here, or if you attend PAX East (March 6-8 in Boston), you can buy one directly from the folks at the We Love Fine booth. It will cost $28.

Shovel Knight is available now on Wii U, 3DS, and PC. All PlayStation systems will get the game on April 21st, with an Xbox One version coming in the future.

My Opinion:

As a fan of video game plushies, I really want this. It would fit nicely next to my Meta Knight plush. Come to think of it, Shovel Knight and Meta Knight would be a near-unbeatable duo in a game. Throw Link in there and you’ve got yourself a bona fide three musketeers of video game awesomeness.

Benjamin Luthi is an Associate Writer for MONG who could totally box like Little Mac in real life if he felt like it. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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