Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Wins Big at GDC

For many the 2014’s Game of the Year Awards linger as a mere memory of the past, the debate raged on at this year’s Game Developers Conference. While many games were handed an award, Monolith’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was crowned game of the year.There was a lot of competition this year, with the indie-sweetheart, Monument Valley, nabbing three of its own awards. Check below for the full list of winners:

For our take on GDC’s game of the year, check out our review of Shadow of Mordor where we celebrated how Monolith was able to “make a good game in an established universe.”

My Opinion:

There is no bigger honor as a developer to be named Game of the Year at GDC — this is the best and brightest of the industry rallying around one game as the pinnacle of achievement. Congrats everyone at Monolith! This is a well-earned accomplishment.

Lou Contaldi is the Executive Editor of MONG and currently in training to outrun the Zombie Apocalypse. Follow his running routine, favorite beers, and gameplay lineup on Twitter.

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