Project CARS Giving Away Free DLC Every Month

Slightly Mad Studios has announced that its upcoming racer Project CARS will be getting a series of free DLC cars in the months following its release.

The first car available to download will be W Motors’ Lykan Hypersport — the first supercar to be produced in the Middle East. The Lykan Hypersport, which also appeared in Driveclub last year, has already achieved fame on the big screen from crashing out of one skyscraper into another in the upcoming Furious 7 film.

Creative Director Andy Tudor had the following to say on the Project CARS website:

We are immensely pleased to have this awesome machine in the game and to give fans the chance to get behind the wheel of a truly amazing vehicle. The Lykan Hypersport represents the first of a series of free cars we’ll be giving away every month as a thank you to our fans for being so patient for the launch of the game. We’ll have more info on the full schedule of further content for Project CARS soon but we hope that this is a great sneak peek of just one way in which Project CARS is going to expand in the future.

Project CARS, which was recently delayed again, is due for release in mid-May on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

My Opinion:

Following the recent delays, I think this is a nice gesture from Slightly Mad Studios. I have never been in favor of releasing DLC immediately after release, but I will happily make an exception when it’s free! Project CARS has my attention, and I look forward to checking it out when it finally releases.

Matt Southwell is an Associate Writer for MONG. In addition to video games, he loves Hockey, Soccer and Pizza. Follow him on Twitter, IGN and Facebook.

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