Star Wars: Battlefront dev, Jesper Nielsen took to Reddit to reassure fans about the amount content their Star War’s shooter will ship with.

Most notably, the producer stressed that there will be more than eight maps when the game launches and nothing will be cut from the game for DLC purposes.

Star Wars Battlefront _4-17_E

“Please don’t make me break what I can and cannot say, but if you think there’s anything we’re not including in the game to save it for DLC, I can tell you you’re 100% wrong. In this project, I’ve never heard anyone say ‘Let’s not do this for launch so we can do it as DLC instead’. Ever.”

Nielsen went on to say that Star Wars: Battlefront will not be a reskin of Battlefield 4.  “It’s using the Frostbite engine, yes, but not a lot of the Battlefield code.”  Unlike Battlefield, DICE is planning to do something different with soldier classes.

The game received a November 17th release date during its big reveal last week.

My Opinion:

After enduring Battlefield 4 and playing Battlefield: Hardline, I am fed up with EA.  Honestly, it’s tough for me to believe any of this, but I think EA and DICE know that if they don’t make this the best game it can be, the fans will retaliate.

Jacob Dekker is a Senior Writer for MONG.  For sporadic, yet infrequent updates about nothing follow him on Twitter.

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