P.T. Non-existent on the PlayStation Store

A recent cancellation of Silent Hills begat the eradication of the terrifying P.T. demo, and fans are not happy.

Last month, Konami confirmed the cancellation of Silent Hills. The japanese company also confirmed the deletion of P.T. from the PlayStation store, which started out as a secretive demo for the Guillermo del Toro project starring Norman Reedus. The news came with much ire from PlayStation 4 users who could not download, or even redownload the title after it was pulled from the PS Store on April 29th. Some fans even took to petitioning for development of Silent Hills to continue. Users at home and abroad turned to Twitter with attacks towards Konami to express their frustration over the Silent Hills cancellation. Others joined in after failed attempts to redownload the P.T. demo post-April 29th.


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Konami has stated that there will be future Silent Hill titles coming in the future, regardless of cancelling the much-anticipated title starring everyone’s favorite Walking Dead star.

PlayStation 4 users who still have P.T. installed on their systems, or external hard drives, will still be able to enjoy the title, along with restless nights affixed to horrific nightmares.

UPDATE: At approximately 9:40 p.m. PT (no pun intended), I received this message on my PlayStation 4.


My Opinion:

Silent Hills was a core reason to why I bought a PS4. Perhaps it was my fault for giving Konami so much credit (but really, they have been pretty good about this stuff in the past).  Just like many other users, I am furious over the cancellation of Silent Hills. (Could you imagine how amazing it would have been with the Morpheus?)

Landon Luthi loves to frighten small children with warped television only found on the TLC channel.  You can read this guy’s profane scribble on Twitter and about 43 percent of the personals’ ads on Craigslist.

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