P.T. Drinking Game on MONGPlays

Join us on Middle of Nowhere Gaming’s Twitch channel for some P.T. fun on Friday night!

It’s been about a year since P.T. was released on PlayStation 4, and took our hearts and eyes away with the prospect of so much talent pouring into one beloved franchise.

With the more recent developments at Konami dashing away any hopes of a Silent Hills title, the likes of which seemed so promising at P.T.’s debut, many of us still find the time to steal away from all of that negative news with a copy of the playable trailer that will never be uninstalled from our PS4’s.

It is in honor of that promise and unfettered replayability that Middle of Nowhere Gaming kicks off a new series titled “Shots Fired; Shots Taken,” with none other than the most frightening trailer we’ve ever played.

Join us on Friday August 14th at 8:00 pm PST (that’s 10:00 pm CST and 11:00 pm for you Eastern folks) on the Twitch channel, MONGPlays, for an inebriated (that means alcohol, people) game of P.T. Official rules are still to be determined, but you can certainly expect to drink every time we walk through a door or to finish your beverage every time you wet your pants. Come one, come all to celebrate the best trailer ever to be removed from the PlayStation Store.


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