Nom Nom Galaxy Launches onto PS4 Next Week

The genre-bending Nom Nom Galaxy makes its way to the PlayStation 4 store on May 12th.

It’s a certainty that Q-Games, creators of the PixelJunk series, will give gamers something unique. Their newest title is no exception. Nom Nom Galaxy is a space-soup industry simulation.

Although space-soup seems like a bizarre idea for a game, it combines familiar mechanics and genres like platforming, mining, construction, resource management, and tower defence. Players use all the tools at their disposal to rise up and create the galaxy’s ultimate soup corporation. It features: solo play, 4 player online co-op, and two-player split screen.

Unfortunately, the Vita version seems to be in limbo. Q-Games are collaborating with Double Eleven to make Nom Nom Galaxy and their Design Manager, Gareth Wright, had this to say about the Vita version,

“We had to stop work on it so that we could focus on providing the best possible console experience on PS4 without sacrificing the game’s ambition and content. It came down to cost and scheduling both platforms, and without cutting a ton of core features (on both platforms) the Vita just wasn’t going to be possible at the same time. We’ve been working with the Vita since 2010 and it’s how we made our real start as a developer, so this wasn’t an easy decision for us.We love Vita as much as you all. Never say never.”

Check out the trailer below-

My Opinion:

I’ve always moderately enjoyed the projects from Q-Games but this one has me more excited than usual. I could see myself sinking hours and hours into this one. It seems very ambitious and I hope they pull it off! Does Nom Nom Galaxy sound as delicious to you as it does for to me?

Nathan Reid is an Associate Writer at MONG who appreciates a good broccoli and cheese soup.

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