Microsoft Announce New 1TB console and New Controller

Microsoft has unveiled a new Xbox One console with one terabyte of storage and a new matte finish, as well as a new controller.

The new console, that was previously leaked, will be the first model to include the new Xbox One controller. The new controller, which was also leaked, now features a 3.5mm stereo jack at the bottom of the controller, meaning that players can now use most headsets without the need of an adapter. Due to this, users will be able to adjust headset volume, mic monitoring, and voice and game audio balance through the console’s settings. The new controller also has refined bumpers and the ability to update firmware wirelessly, eliminating the need to connect the controller to the console via USB to update it. The new Xbox One controller will come in two different colours at launch: standard black or a Special Edition Covert Forces design.

XboxOne_WirelessController_CovertForces  XboxOne_Controller

The 1TB Xbox One console will also (depending on location) include Halo: Master Chief Collection and is available for pre-order right now! The consoles will begin to ship to retailers on June 16th in North America and later on in the month for other select territories. The console will retail for $399.99 USD/ £349.99, while the original 500GB model received a price cut and will retail for $349.99 USD/ £299.99. The controller, meanwhile, will retail for $65 USD.

Xbox_WirelessAdapterforWindowsFinally, Microsoft also revealed the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows. Releasing in the fall of 2015, the adapter will allow users to use the Xbox One controller on Windows 10 devices wirelessly. Theadapter will retail for $25 USD or can be bought from a bundle with a controller for $80 USD.

My Opinion:

This isn’t a huge surprise. Most people were expecting a 1TB console to be announced at E3 and, I’m certain that, if this bundle hadn’t been leaked then it was going to announced at E3 for release the next day. Although, even before that leak, most of us knew that it was coming – much like I expect Sony to do the same. The new controller looks set to be a good addition with the 3.5mm jack standard but, perhaps more importantly, the bumpers have been refined. I love the Xbox One controller but the bumpers are (easily) the worst thing about the controller; hopefully that’s no longer the case!

Steven Shearer is an Associate Writer for MONG. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

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