Hands on Impressions with Yoshi’s Wooly World

This past weekend, I was able to venture to the Nintendo World Store in New York City to partake in their E3 demo festivities. During the event, participants had the option to choose from one of three Wii U games (Star Fox Zero, Yoshi’s Wooly World, and Super Mario Maker), then the option of playing the latest The Legend of Zelda: Tri  Force Heroes. In this second installment, I’ll be offering my thoughts on the adorably cute Yoshi’s Wooly World.

Before I even begin, yes I know that the United Kingdom will be getting this game on Friday, but for the North American fans, October 16th is a very far release date.

Now that the wooly elephant is out of the room, let’s delve into this world:

pYoshi’s Wooly World is freaking adorable! Yes, I know everyone has said that, but holy guacamole, I couldn’t stop smiling as I played this game. The incredible detail that each and every video from E3 mentioned is really as good as they say – perhaps even better. Nintendo did a great job pushing the visuals in a colorful, playful, and endearing way.

Aside from the beautiful visuals,  the gameplay is brilliantly simple. Buttons are easy to master and do not muddle up the experience. The demo also allowed gamers to team up, so I was Player 2 to another Nintendo-fan. Together we explored the terrain of the first level, using each other as balls of yarn and sillily bouncing on top of each other to explore the level.

That is certainly a major point that the Nintendo rep emphasized – exploration. If this was another side-scroller, I would immediately go from Point A to Point B, then perhaps on a second go-around to explore. However, the representative encouraged us to take our time and delve through the level in careful detail. Boy am I happy she suggested that. The two of us explored every nook and cranny in our ten-minute adventure. Pulling on loose string, creating platforms, finding hidden treasurers only heightened the experience.

Yoshis-Woolly-World-CoopEven the added on layers of amiibo support was highlighted. We placed a Mario amiibo on the gamepad and the first player transformed into a Yoshi with a Mario costume. If I didn’t say adorable enough, THAT was truly adorable.  Ok, maybe Poochy, the adorably intuitive dog that helps you find secret items, further increases the adorableness.

My one gripe, if I had to offer one, is that the difficulty is a bit non-existent. I honestly cannot see anyone having difficulty with this level, or dodging to fight enemies. Perhaps down the line, the levels will be more challenging, but I hope the game isn’t solely based on simple levels and forced exploration (as fun as it may be).

yoshis_woolly_world_amiiboNeedless to say, I preordered this game after I tried it out. Yoshi’s Wooly World may be the game to beat for me this holiday season. With this game and subsequent amiibo coming in October, I think I can rest assured and say that the wool will keep me warm this fall!

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