MONG Podcast 100 | The BIG One Hundred!

You read that right, folks! MONG Podcast is officially 100! The big 1 double-0 FINALLY landed and the crew couldn’t be more excited. On top of that, Myles is apologetic for his microphone possibly blasting your ears to timbuktu! He got a new headset and didn’t think to change some audio levels before the cast. He was too excited for episode 100! Join the crew as they talk about Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, the price drop of the PS4, the names of currencies around the world and as they take the mantle for number one customer service in retail stores podcast! You’ll notice that Lou Contaldi is back from the dead to join them for this most momentous of events! Free things were had, pacts were made and thongs were worn on eyes! If A Thought from Nowhere is your thing, you’re in for a treat as they covered three fan submissions in one podcast! It was epic and since you couldn’t be there, they hope you’ll enjoy this recording!

Also, Myles wants to apologize to Mark Thes for forgetting his name in the final listing of fan-submitted thoughts from nowhere that were covered.

Also, also, thank you again to Sony Santa Monica for providing the codes for the games that we gave away. We couldn’t have made this as special and wonderful without your help!

Click here to listen to the MP3 version!

Or watch the video version below!

If the video isn’t appearing, give it some time. Uploading to YouTube is a lengthy process.

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