Shovel Knight has been delayed until November 3rd in North America, and October 30th in Europe on PlayStation 4, 3DS, PC and Wii U, and Shovel Knight has been cancelled on Xbox One because of publishing policies on the platform. The physical version of Shovel Knight for PlayStation Vita has also been delayed to some time in 2016. 

This regrettable news comes by way of a public statement on Yacht Club Games’s website.

“The final few steps of the Plague of Shadows content took a little longer than expected, but it was important to us that this update to be on the disc/cart right out of the box! Unfortunately that meant we had to push back the date just a little a bit. Luckily, all of the teams throughout the various console manufacturing steps have been really helpful in reducing this knock-on delay as much as possible.”

Another detail that came out of their public statement is that the price of the game has been raised from $20 to $25. However, those who pre-ordered are not to worry, as their retailer should honor the $20 price. Along with this, the game comes with a download code for the soundtrack.

My Opinion:

I love Shovel Knight and what came before it that inspired it. That being said, I feel bad for those who have missed out on it, but I’m glad it’s getting a physical release, and I’m happy that Yacht Club Games took their time and made sure everything was on the disc.

Charlie Savidge is an Associate Writer for Middle of Nowhere Gaming and likes to use Shovels as weapons and yet fails to bounce on them. You can ask him where the videos of him trying to be Shovel Knight are on his Twitter and Twitch.

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