Standard Xbox One Controllers Remappable

A new feature has been introduced for Xbox One owners. Players can now remap buttons on their controllers, a feature previously exclusive to the Xbox One Elite controller.

The new feature can be accessed either through the Settings menu or by opening the Xbox Accessories app. Mapping LB to X will result in X being mapped to LB. So buttons are essentially being swapped rather than completely remappable as opposed to the Elite controller which only requires the A and B button to be mapped.

Elite controllers can also map multiple buttons to the same function and the remapped settings are saved to the controller rather on the console, meaning the Elite still offers more options. However, button mappings regardless of which controller you have will apply to any Xbox One game. Other features are promised to be coming in the future, such as custom sensitivity curves.

My Opinion:

I think this is a great feature. I wrote about the lack of controller configurations in console games, and while this isn’t a perfect solution, it’s a step in the right direction. I would prefer for each game to individually allow custom button mappings as this will require me to have to remap my buttons for each game I play beforehand, but the option is there and I’m grateful to have something that can be improved upon and expanded later rather than nothing.

Esteban Cuevas is an Associate Editor for Middle of Nowhere Gaming and loves control! You can follow him on Twitter and check out his other work on WordPress.

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