Are you looking forward to Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake? If the answer is “yes,” then a talented modder called DooMero is prepared to release something nice to tide you over in the meantime.

DooMero has released a lengthy video to showcase their impressive new “total conversion” mod for Doom, based around the character of HUNK from Resident Evil 2. This incredible mod, which has a demo dropping sometime next week, looks to boast third-person gameplay inspired by Resident Evil 4, albeit with the retro graphics native to id Software’s influential 1993 shooter.

This mod oozes with nostalgia, making use of iconic music and sounds from most installments in the RE series. Even the story, which features stitched-together dialogue from HUNK’s various appearances, promises to have plenty of callbacks to the overarching lore from the franchise it pays tribute to.

Longtime Resident Evil fans will certainly recognize HUNK as the oft-forgotten, badass Umbrella Corporation employee with a penchant for escaping death. Though he has been notably featured in memorable mini-games, such as 4th Survivor and Mercenaries, throughout the Resident Evil series, poor HUNK has yet to star in his own game. His status as a fan-favorite character landed him starring roles in scrapped versions of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Outbreak, though Capcom has never fully committed to the idea.

Be sure to follow DoomMero’s youtube channel to keep tabs on this project.

My Opinion:

I’ve been clamoring for a game based around HUNK for a long time now. As has happened with Resident Evil 2: Reborn, the ill-fated fan-made remake of RE2, perhaps DooMero’s project will show Capcom how passionate fans are about such an idea. Regardless, I look forward to digging into this generous offering of retro-flavored zombie-slaying goodness.

Chris Cobb is an Associate Writer at MONG and has an unhealthy fascination with zombies. When he isn’t daydreaming about crowd-surfing across an undead horde, he can be found on Twitter.

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