3 New Characters Confirmed for Pokken Tournament

Courtsey of Serebii.net, a Japanese advertisement shows three new fighters for Pokken Tournament.

According to this post on their website, Serebii shows the ad that “confirmed that the Pokémon Braixen, Garchomp and standard Mewtwo will be playable in the Wii U title, Pokkén Tournament upon its release on March 18th 2016.” The mentioned release date is for Japan, as North America is still waiting for theirs.

This news brings the total confirmed fighters to 15. Braixen is the only representative from the sixth and newest generation of Pokémon. The first generation has the most characters with seven. You can find a full list of announced characters here. Our thanks again to Serebii.net.

The news comes a day after the 20th anniversary announcement video.

My Opinion:

The character selection was noticeably thin from the later generations, and Braixen, a first evolution from one of the three starters, is an interesting choice. I’m still waiting for announcements on what should be shoe-in characters, like Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, or Primeape. That said, I can respect how unexpected some of these characters are. A game of exclusively fighting types wouldn’t be as exciting.

Christian Glass is a MONG Associate Writer.  He’s praying for Scizor to make the cut.  You can love him on Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram

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