Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer Details revealed

With just a week away, Naughty Dog has finally revealed details on what to expect on the multiplayer portion of their newest game, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

First and foremost, they mention that every future map and mode will be free for everyone. Any weapon or cosmetic that is in the game can be unlocked through gameplay. Naughty Dog showed off with how DLC will be handled.

  • Fairness First: Relics are the currency of the multiplayer side and will give give you access to ALL DLC for no real world money. The only way to earn relics is through  gameplay.
  • An Evolving Experience: As time goes by, new modes, maps, items and even Co-Op will be released at no additional cost.
  • DLC Accessible to Everyone: All DLC can be earned through gameplay. There will be no exclusive DLC you can get only through Uncharted Points
  • Unified Community: All future DLC will be made available for everyone the day the DLC is released. There will be no exclusive way to get the DLC early. Everyone gets it at the same time.

As you win matches and complete daily challenges, you’ll have access to chests. There are two types of chests: Gameplay chests which gives you boosts, weapons, and mysticals and Vanity Chests, which gives you hats, taunts, face masks, and skins. The chests drop at random and they will never give you the same item twice. Each chest will be unique. If you can’t wait to open a chest, you can buy Uncharted Points using real world money. Remember, everything is free. Buying Uncharted Points gets you to chests faster.

If you bought the Triple Pack, you’ll have access to the single-player DLC and two multiplayer packs. Pack One gives you a Long Gun, Booster Skin, Taunt, Skin, and Hat. Pack Two gives you Pistol, Booster, Mystical, Hat, and Taunt.

To assure players that the DLC keeps coming, they have released a roadmap for the next year as they continue supporting Uncharted 4. They can range from new modes, skins, co-op, vanity items, weapons, boosters, mysticals, and maps. Cinema Replay Feature will arrive this summer with Co-Op coming this Autumn.


Naughty Dog also released what game modes will be available at launch and they are:

  • Ranked: You’ll earn points as you go through Ranks. They go from Bronze III to Diamond I. The better you play, the higher rank you’ll be. If you lose a match a handful of times, your rank will go down.
  • Command: A member of your team will become captain and it’s your job to protect that captain. The longer the captain remains alive the more points you’ll get. As the captain continues to survive, he’ll have access to items that will help the fellow teammates. The longer the captain is alive, the more visible that captain will be to the enemy team.
  • Team Deathmatch: Basic Heroes vs Villains match. Every game has this.
  • Plunder: Capture The Flag. Capture the idol to a chest and gain a point.  You can throw and climb with the idol.
  • Warm Up Playlist: This will teach you how to play the new features and modes. You can only play an X amount of times with this mode.
  • Trials: Players will go up against enemy NPC as they try to gain the most points. There are ten trials with three levels of difficulty. Completing them will earn you relics.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will arrive exclusively to PlayStation 4 on May 10th. You can read more about the Multiplayer Details here.

My Opinion:

I like the fact that all DLC is free, but I wonder how long it takes to unlock a chest. I hope the wait time isn’t ridiculous. I’m excited for the single player alone, but I will definitely play the multiplayer.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer for MONG and is waiting for Uncharted 4.

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