MONG Podcast 125 | Video Game Movies Can’t Be THAT Bad… Right?

Even with technical issues abound in Episode 125, the MONG Podcast crew swung wide and covered quite a few different topics. They talk about everything from E3 predictions, which snuck up on them, to the rumors of Nintendo NX’s VR born delay, to even everything from anime to movies! It’s a long episode for a reason, folks. Regardless, you’ll enjoy every second of it with the ever charming cast. We’ll hopefully be back to 100% in terms of tech next week!

Keep in mind that we’ll be going live on Tuesday the 14th, instead of Sunday, next week so that we can cover the flood of E3 news as soon as possible.

Click here to listen to the MP3 version!

Or watch the video version below!

If the video isn’t appearing, give it some time. Uploading to YouTube is a lengthy process.

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