Rocket League gets trade-in system, player-to-player trading coming later

Rocket League’s item drop pool is being expanded — it will now feature trade-ins 


Everyone’s favorite soccer-cars game is set to receive a massive update in June. Today, Psyonix revealed that in addition to the item attribute system, the update will also include a trade-in feature and the inclusion of “rare” and “very rare” items.

These new items, which include rare decals and boost trails,  can only be obtained by playing. Or by trading in any uncommon items you have for them. This will not only solve the the issue of players accumulating duplicates of uncommon items but will make it easier to acquire these rare and very rare items.

How it works is if you have five duplicates of an uncommon item you can trade them in for a rare item. From there you can trade-in five rare items to obtain a very rare item.

Psyonix also announced that a full-fledged player trading system will be implemented in a later update. Because of this, Psyonix also handed out a few pro-tips, telling players that they advise against trading in painted or certified items now, as they may increase in value once player trading has been implemented.

As of yesterday Rocket League has sold a juggernaut 16 million copies.

My Opinion:

My Rocket League addiction has lessened since the release of Overwatch, however, every once in awhile I still crave a few matches of it. The new June update sounds like Psyonix has closely been listening to the complaints of the community, as they will remedy some of the bigger, yet still very faint, community complaints.

Tyler Fischer is an Associate Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

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