Injustice 2 officially revealed, coming 2017

Following a series of leaks earlier this week, NetherRealm Studios has finally officially unveiled Injustice 2

Yesterday, when some Injustice 2 promo art leaked online it all but confirmed the existence of the game. However, while the cat was already out of the bag, many were still expecting the official reveal to take place at E3. Alas, that was not part of NetherRealm’s plans and this morning they releases a trailer along with its official announcement

Here’s an official description provided for the game:

Injustice 2 continues the epic cinematic story introduced in Injustice ™: Gods Among Us as Batman and his allies work towards putting the pieces of society back together while struggling against those who want to restore Superman’s regime.  In the midst of the chaos, a new threat appears that will put Earth’s existence at risk.” 

Along with the trailer a substantial addition to the game, the Gear System, was revealed. This system uses RPG-mechanics to reward players with a loot drop every time you play. Similar to Rocket League, with each loot drop, you will earn character-specific gear that will not only change how the character looks, but your fight strategy and personal approach to each match.  As the announcement put it, after a few sessions, you can expect your Aquaman to look and play different than everyone else’s Aquaman.

It was not divulged whether or not this gear will be available to purchase with microtransactions or will be something you can only earn by playing the game.

Injustice 2 is set to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017.

My Opinion:

That Gear System has microtransactions written all over it. To opt to have gear that changes not just the way you look, but gameplay mechanics seems like a injudicious choice. I can hear the internet pitchforks sharpening from here.

Tyler Fischer is an Associate Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

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