Paradox divulges sales numbers for Hearts of Iron IV, Stellaris, and Europa Universalis IV

The last two months have seen the releases of Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV — two games that will rank among the best strategy games in 2016 come December. But did they perform well? 


Today, Paradox Interactive announced that its newly released Hearts of Iron IV has sold over 200,000 copies during its two weeks on the market, making it the publisher’s fastest-selling historical strategy game to date.

Also announced was that Stellaris, which released on May 9th, has sold over 500,000 copies to date.

Lastly, the publisher and developer also revealed that its grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV, has sold over 1 million copies to date, not including expansions and DLC.

Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester accompanied the announcement with the following statement:

“PC gaming is thriving, and we’re doing incredibly well in a market that is increasingly competitive. Over the course of our company’s lifetime, we have remained dedicated to creating deep and challenging games for players who want experiences that will last for countless hours. The key to these successes – games that not only sell well at launch, but sell sustainably for years to come – is that we continue to provide ongoing support and development, and remain connected to our community to understand what our players want from their time with our games. The PC platform is ideal for keeping our games updated and supported, thanks to our ability to easily share updates and new expansions – and for our players to share their creative mods.”

Upon release on PC, Hearts of Iron IV garnered an 84 on Metacritic, Stellaris a 79, and Europa Universalis IV an 87.

My Opinion:

Grand Strategy is my favorite genre in video games. While I have yet to pick up Stellaris, Hearts of Iron IV ranked as high as 5th on my list of Top Ten Games of the Year So Far, while Europa Universalis IV is my second favorite game of all time. Therefore, I’m elated to see Paradox has found success in these games, because that means more of them for me in the future.

Tyler Fischer is an Associate Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.


7 thoughts on “Paradox divulges sales numbers for Hearts of Iron IV, Stellaris, and Europa Universalis IV”

  1. If you ever do invest in one of their games I would recommend starting with Europa Universalis IV — it’s probably their best game and offers the most content — I have over 500 hours myself..


  2. I’m glad their games are doing well. I haven’t played any of those games yet, but I’m really interested in Stellaris, and Hearts of Iron IV. I’m also curious about Europa, but my backlog is way too big for me to invest in another new game so soon :].


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