Shovel Knight Devs Talk Specter Knight and More

Shovel Knight players, rejoice, for you will soon be adding a scythe to your collection of weapons.

Yacht Club Games, the creators of Shovel Knight, took to their blog and talked a bit about what will be coming in their next DLC, which focuses around Specter Knight.


In case you were wondering how to control a knight that floats in the air, he actually has legs in this version, which allows him to perform stunts like Dash Slash and climb up walls. Specter Knight is also larger than both Shovel Knight and Plague Knight, and his scythe also has a slightly larger arch. Instead of health and stamina, Specter Knight’s stats are measured in Darkness and Will.


In their update, Yacht Club Games also said they are working on another campaign starring King Knight as well as two new modes: Body Swap and Battle Mode.

Specter Knight will be coming out before King Knight, and one of the two new modes will be released with the new campaign. This is much like how Plague of Shadows came with Challenge Mode. While Body Swap was not explained, the Battle Mode is going to be based on a single screen and multiplayer, explaining why those on handheld will not be receiving this mode.

However, there was some news on the handheld front. For PlayStation Vita owners, a physical copy of Shovel Knight is available for preorder. Along with all of the content that appears on the digital version of the game, including Cross-Save with PlayStation 4, it comes with a full-fledged instruction booklet, will not be region locked and is compatible with the PlayStation TV. For those interested, you can preorder your copy here and can get it in early October.

My Opinion:
As a big fan of Shovel Knight, I am really happy about this update. I cannot wait to see how this will pan out. With recent Kickstarter horror stories, it’s nice to see this one being very fruitful. However, I find it most important that we got a physical Vita cart for the game. LONG LIVE THE ALMIGHTY VITA.

Shawn Richards is an Executive Editor that found his calling in video games. Follow his antics on Twitter.

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